Frontex, Easo and Europol: From a Secondary to a Pivotal Operational Role in the Aftermath of the “Refugee Crisis”

This post first appeared at the Open Migration Project   The so-called “refugee crisis” prompted the urge to ensure the functioning of the Schengen area and the Common European Asylum System (CEAS), the need to operationally assist those Member States most affected by the sudden and extraordinary arrival of mixed migratory flows, and the convenience […]

An Enforcement Role for EUROPOL in the Aftermath of the “Refugee Crisis”?

This post first appeared at the EU Law Enforcement Blog   The “refugee crisis” has led to the establishment of the European Border and Coast Guard (EBCG) (the successor of Frontex) in 2016 and the transformation(still under negotiation)of the European Asylum Support Office (Easo) into a European Union Agency for Asylum (EUAA). The expansion of the […]

Hotspot Approach: Cooperación y control de FRONTEX, EASO y EUROPOL

Durante el año 2015, el número de personas que llegó a las costas europeas de forma irregular creció exponencialmente. La Agencia de la ONU para los refugiados reveló que 1.015.078 inmigrantes irregulares cruzaron el Mediterráneo (en comparación con las 216.054 personas que hicieron la misma travesía en el año 2014); sin embargo, de ellos, 3.771 […]

EU Refugee Crisis: Who is Rescuing Migrants at Sea?

This summer’s press was once again abuzz with headlines and images of the exodus of thousands of migrants, knocking at Europe’s door. The scenario of a massive number of vessels overflowing with people fleeing from their countries towards southern European shores is no news to Europe. Although the state of alarm has long been declared, […]