Morocco uses migratory pressure to force Spain and the EU to give in to the Sahara

We experienced an unprecedented crisis at Spain’s southern border last week. On the 17th and 18th, nearly 8,000 people entered Ceuta through the border breakwaters in the face of the passivity and even cooperation of the Moroccan authorities. This attitude on the part of the Moroccan authorities has surprised some people, given the role of the Moroccan state as a “key, model and reliable partner” in controlling migratory pressure. However, the instrumentalisation of this role by the Moroccan monarchy to put pressure on Spain is not new, however much some sectors now want to make it appear so.

Power of referendum – the Irish phenomenon

In 2012, the Hungarian government introduced a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage. Only a year later, Croatia held a constitutional referendum, which clarified that marriage can be available to opposite sex partners only. In February 2015, Slovakia held a similar popular vote, which, however, fell short of the required turnout. It should be noted that […]